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What is your Life Purpose?

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

It’s a struggle almost every adult goes through. “What is my Purpose in this Life?” We all come to this place of question at some point in life. To reflect back on my own questioning, I thought it may have been when I was in high school and being at my mothers beside as she was dying. The nurse that attended to my mother was so thoughtful, patient, loving, compassionate and not only to my mother but to me as well. She was able touch my aching heart and influenced my future goals to become a nurse.

The following semester in high school, I enrolled in a CNA class. After graduation I starting taking college courses for the nursing program. Not to elaborate, but it was time of fun partying too. I thought I had figured it all out, but those paths of experiences were still not fulfilling. The fact of growing up in dysfunction, there was still a yearning in myself to have a family of my own. During this time I met my future husband while working in the hospital. At the time he was an EMT and I was a CNA. Soon after we married and had children.

My husband did not get hired with the fire department early on, it was 7 years later and after many struggles. While being married and raising our children, I came to a point in my 20’s where I started asking “What is my Purpose in Life?”. I will be honest here and I am ashamed to say, I was resentful to my kids and husband because I never finished my Bachelors to become a nurse and I did not take pride in being a Stay at Home Mom. At the time, I shared the question with my beautiful spiritual aunt with guidance she simply told me “You are serving it, God blessed you with your children!” With that revelation, it put a Passion in me to be the best mother I could be and to simply be thankful and content in my life. Now feeling so blessed, we have raised loving, strong mind and spirit, responsible and hard working children. Our daughter is a RN and our son a Paramedic. These adorable kids in the pic are my babies in their younger years :)

All this I share, because as a fire wife we are left with lonely long days and nights alone with our thoughts and dreams. Who has influenced your life in a positive way? You may be right where you need to be, look around and count your blessings….you may already be living your Purpose and now live it with Passion!

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