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A Clean Slate

Warmest wishes in 2020! May it be filled with plenty of Love, Hugs and Kisses!

Have you ever wished you could just wipe the slate clean in your relationships, diet or exercise routine? Why not do it now? Pull out the 2020 shift calendar and there you have a clean slate, minimal to no markings. For many, new year resolution desires are for a better overall sense of well being happier and healthier! List some goals that you wish to achieve and find someone to hold you accountable to such goals, call on your fellow fire family friends. I am not a relationship, nutritional or fitness coach specialist, but the advice and perspective I share is of a wife of 28 years to a firefighter of 20 years.

Whatever season you are in your relationship with your firefighter and you feel it can use a boost, why not you make the positive move of desired change? We cannot erase past mistakes and we cannot control what others do, but we do have the power and responsibility on how we respond or react. I will share a simple fact that has made a world of a difference in our household. As a wife, I desire to feel loved by my husband, his desire is to feel respected by me as his wife. If a spouse feels respected it’s easier to make the other spouse feel loved and vice versa, LOVE<=>RESPECT. As a spouse of a firefighter we learn how to take charge and be in control while our firefighter is away working hard, it is so easy to make them feel left out. With respect it is important to allow them to feel missed and needed as being part of the family unit. Let’s remember to remind them of how much we appreciate their hard work. I am sure you can think of several positive changes that will enhance your relationship.

Let’s talk about food! Something we all cannot live without. We eat because we are hungry, out of conditional routine, or to satisfy an emotional need. How lucky we are, if we are not able or in the mood to cook, our wonderful firefighters help out and bring their skills to the kitchen. There are many times my husband cooks as if he is feeding a task force at home, another reason we eat is because we feel obligated. Have you ever considered Mindful Eating? I’d like to share some ideas;

~Do not go shopping hungry

~Mindful shopping list; make sure to always include your veggies, stay away from artificial

~Give Thanks for your food

~Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner; never wait till you are starvingFocus on portion control; start small

~Take small bites and chew thoroughly Enjoy the smell, taste and texture

~Be conscious of why you are eating; mealtime, sad, depressed, angry or simply thirsty

~Take care of yourself, wipe off your plate and pack on the greens!

Do not get too comfy in those yoga pants! If you have an exercise routine packed down, kudos to you and you keep going! For those of you that desire to go to the gym and feel ugh how do I even get started? Start small and dedicate to set time aside for YOU. As a wife and mother, we tend to put ourselves in the back burner. So as the saying goes “Do what sets your soul on fire”, you are with the investment ;) Why not start today to reach your goals?

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