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Crowned Fire Belles

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Many have asked, “How Crowned Fire Belles came about?”.

I am a fire wife and have been married 28 years to a Firefighter/Paramedic of the Los Angeles City Fire Department, he has been on the job for 20 years. In our early years, when I felt the need of an emotional support system I did not know of any. I am happy to say we have survived the rough waters!

As we have entered the world of social media, I have then felt it to be an opportunity to be an advocate by starting an Instagram @housewivesoflafd, in which was started around 5 years ago. My focus is on encouraging, supporting and helping spouses to understand their firefighters.I feel very passionate of being there for fire wives/spouses and the family unit!

With the posts on Instagram , I have found the hot topics to be on the emotional support for wife and husband aspect, marital, and the need and desire to connect with other fire wives that get it and can socially identify with the fire life that we live. With all that, I started getting a following of other fire department fire wives reaching out. I was brainstorming on how I can get these fire wives in various communities to connect. And so, I coordinated an event to bring them together, so they could make time for themselves and feel treated! This event, I have fronted out of pocket the down payment.

After that, I thought “how am I going to pay the rest? All I know, is that I wanted fire wives to feel treated and given more hope understanding of their fire life marriage and fire family.

With that, the Instagram was created to share the event “Fully Involved” details. With further thought, I felt it would be great to start a non profit to continue to support these events and here we are with “Crowned Fire Belles”, we are established as non profit but waiting on the 501c3 status.We are off to a great start with fire wives on the committee!

We will work hard to find supportive resources and assist on creating connections!

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