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What/who is a Crowned Fire Belle(s)?

I proudly call you all firefighter wives/spouses Crowned Fire Belles! 👑

Meaning behind the logo...

The GOLD CROWN represents the divine and powerful position that we hold as a spouse of a firefighter and to remind us that we are the warrior for our spouse and the embodiment of strength and of royalty that lifts them up. We have the power to be their moral compass to be their magnetic North.

As the world sees them and as we do as well as “Heroes”, we also see the tired, grumpy and irritated real person not in uniform. Nevertheless, as deserving as they are and the commitments that we have made .......let’s continue to support with DEDICATION LOVE and HONOR❤️

For the fire service, the ST FLORIAN/MALTESE CROSS is a firefighter's badge of honor. Let’s be reminded to stand beside them in support as they stand by the eight points of the Cross, the eight different virtues of Knighthood.

1)Tact and discretion

2)Loyalty and commitment

3)Dexterity and mental adroitness

4)Observation, attentiveness and perceptiveness

5)Sympathy, compassion and sharing

6)Explicitness and thoroughness

7)Gallantry, and


The LAUREL WREATH represents your Marital Victory!!

If you are a mother, daughter, sister or significant other? You too are a Crowned Fire Belle! We all play an important role in the support of our Fire Heroes😘

As Crowned Fire Belles is now a nonprofit, we kindly ask for your support in purchasing a sticker decal from our website.

For which you can proudly display being part of a community of proud fire families! Let’s join to save firefighter lives, marriages and families!

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